Auto Insurance for Safe Drivers

Operating a vehicle is your greatest exposure to financial loss and we take it seriously. Request a consultation by clicking on the Automobile tab. We will contact you, discuss your situation and provide a personalized proposal to provide you solid protection and peace of mind. Our insurance programs are comprehensive and competitive.  We can insure most drivers and vehicles, including classics, antiques and motorcycles.  For added security, we can provide a Liability Umbrella coverage to $25,000,000. in $1,000,000. increments.


Homeowners Insurance

Your largest investments are probably your home and your personal property in it. Insuring your assets and your family liability properly is our priority. The standard one-size-fits-all policy most companies offer can leave you with serious coverage gaps. Let us analyze your specific loss potentials and present a prudent, comprehensive solution for your consideration. If there's a fire, you're burglarized or a tornado destroys your home, there are no excuses - you're covered!  Flood or Earthquake?  We can write that too. Click on the Homeowners tab to request contact. We insure HomesVacation Homes and Rental Dwellings to $10,000,000. We can even protect your Valuable Articles to $10,000,000. and your Boat to $1,000,000. 


Business Insurance and Workers' Compensation

Four decades of working with diverse industries have given us true "in the trenches" experience to be of real value to business owners.
We represent highly respected national and regional insurance carriers.  These broad resources allow us to seek maximum protection
and the best premiums for all our clients.  Whether your business is retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, construction trades,
auto service, professional practice, or non-profit organization - we are your "go to" agency for all your insurance needs.  Specially designed
insurance packages, exceptional pricing, instant service and the committment to our customers set us apart from our competitors.
Our Workers' Compensation companies offer safety conscious employers the best rates in Tennessee.  Workers' Compensation is a major
operational expense and we help businesses control these costs.  We also have multi-state capabilities for larger employers.

                                                            IF IT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU -
                                                                    IT'S IMPORTANT TO US!

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Church Insurance and Private School Insurance

We have specifically designed insurance programs and pricing for churches - whether 100 members or 10,000 members.  Additionally, we have
"Best in Class" programs for private schools and most vocational schools.  We've worked closely with churches and private schools since
1995.  Thus, we have a special expertise and understanding of the risks these institutions face every day in their operations.  We focus on
risk management principles, risk education and implementation of risk avoidance programs.  For churches and schools that qualify, we can
even offer a 3-year guaranteed premium on their property and general liability rates.

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